TS Podbeskidzie

The Beskids region is highly developed economically, with good infrastructure and full of tourist attractions, which favors business development and its promotion through sport. TS Podbeskidzie operating in the region is characterized by highlander character, determination and bravery. Sport always triggers great emotions. For fans, football is an important part of spending time with family and friends. During sporting events, consumers also become fans. Sponsorship is one of the most effective forms of promotion that brings tangible benefits to the brand. Taking into account the fan's profile and purchasing preferences, you can determine the appropriate advertising format and adapt the promotional message based on football emotions. This is how bonds with the brand and loyalty to it are built. Manufacturers of various industries can place their advertising at all available brand touchpoints. TS Podbeskidzie gives you the opportunity to present your business during Podbeskidzie Business Club meetings.