Living books

What to do with read books that are just gathering dust on the shelves? Instead of throwing them in the garbage, it is best to pack them and send them to the Arka Ecological Foundation, which will try to sell them during regularly organized charity fairs and use the proceeds to buy feed for horses and other homeless animals of the Ocalenie Foundation. The "living books" campaign not only helps animals, but also promotes the idea of zero waste. Even an old and read book that we give a second life to can be useful in saving many animal lives. However, if you own a company, the campaign may be a great idea for employee volunteering, as well as for changing the image of the business to a more pro-ecological one. This shows that the company cares about the environment and willingly supports important social activities. By taking part in the "Living Books" campaign, you feed homeless animals, which will surely be grateful to you.