Czyste Beskidy

The Crazy Cat team, as a lover of mountain hiking, undertook to create an animation for the Clean Beskids campaign, the aim of which is to draw attention to taking care of the clean space around us, especially the one given to us by nature. All fans of nature and mountain trips are invited to the Żywiec region. This is where the Czyste Beskidy Festival takes place every year, during which tourists can actively participate in cleaning the mountain trails. By walking along the paths we choose, together we cleanse the beautiful mountain peaks of the mountains of garbage left behind. There are many attractions prepared for participants in Cieszyn, including ecological workshops for children and adults, and in the recreation area, you can relax and have a nice time surrounded by nature. During the festival, over 2 tons of garbage is collected every year. Let's take care of our common home, which is the mountains, let's make nature feel better, and then we ourselves will be able to breathe cleaner air.