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We will develop a Video script for you, and you will be able to choose from our full voiceover database. We will create an individual style of illustration based on your tips. In addition to music background, we will enrich the animation with sound effects. At each stage of production you will have the opportunity to enter two series of corrections.




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2D animation Merchandising




Based on sent material, we will develop a voiceover script tailored to your needs, we will provide a detailed description of the animation and sketch the described story.

Full voiceover database

You will get full access to our voiceover database which includes 15 voices of UK, 16 voices of USA.

Individual style of ilustration

We will design original illustrations specially for you.


All of the above stages of creation will be merged into the one and the animation will be created.

Background music and sounds effects

We will create a unique background music and we will revive the animation with sound effects.

2 series of corrections

At each stage of production you have the opportunity to put two series of corrections.

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Nicole Stern - Project Manager

Nicole Stern - Project Manager

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